Product Review - Wool Dryer Balls and Soap Nuts & Giveaway

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I got a chance to review these Dryer Balls and Soap Berries from Little Lamb at a discounted price.  You can go to Amazon and find all these different sets there.  I will provide links.

The set of 6 Dryer Balls, pictured above, is a great set for lots and lots of drying cycles.  The info with the Soap Berries, pictured below, says using them with the Dryer Balls will leave your clothes soft and fluffed with no static.  Well, it depends on the material but most everything I dried was little to no static.  The items with most static were fleece or polyester blends.  So nothing out of the ordinary.

The Soap Berries, or nuts, are very easy to use.  They are quite strong smelling when first opened, but that dissipates fairly quickly.  They are all natural and can be added to compost after used if you compost.  The small bag is included for use in the wash cycle.  Load it up with a handful of the nuts then smash them a bit.  My oldest son had a great time smacking the bad against the floor for me.  Once you do that, then for a few seconds run it under hot water.  Then the bag of soap nuts can be pulled out with the wash and thrown in the dryer.  Or if you're like me I pull stuff out individually so it's easy to find the bag.  Then I just threw it in with the next load.  The soap nuts are good for 3-5 washes.  Once used up, compost or throw them away and get another handful and start again.

If you're looking for a more natural way to get your laundry done the Soap Nuts and Dryer Balls are a great way to go.  They are affordable and environmentally friendly.  I would certainly recommend them to most everyone.  My clothes just smelled clean and were soft.  I will offer a small warning not to forget a load in the washer because the laundry will end up smelling like the soap nuts!

The pictures above are two alternative sets you may purchase.  Think of these as starter sets or a great baby shower gift.  The one is a 4 pack of just Dryer Balls and the other is 3 Dryer Balls with a small pack of Soap Nuts included.

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3 Pack Dryer Balls with Soap Nuts
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And now for the exciting part, put your name in the hat for a chance to win a 6 pack of Dryer Balls and 2 bags of Soap Berries!  Good luck!!
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