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Death Marks Very Latest  copyInspector Detective Dan Redd returns from an absence of leave with only one thing in mind – revenge for the brutal murders of his wife and child. The deranged killer is still loose, and Redd needs the contacts within the force to track him down. Due to police cuts in all departments Dan is faced with a skeletal force, with the profiling department closed. On top of that he’s lost his old partner and is faced with training in his new partner DS Dove.

He realizes within days; his immediate boss wants him gone – not just from the force but permanently. Called to the scene of a grisly murder, he suspects the worst kind of crime - ritual killing. Desperate, he calls in American forensic psychologist Tessa Davies, who tells him the mutilations on the bodies of the young couple, point to an ancient evil cult; the killers have just begun. Hell-bent on tracking down the perps', he fights his attraction to her. Little does he realize the case will take him and his partner into the highest circles of the aristocracy and the police forces itself.

The body count is rising as Redd and his team race to save the lives of the intended victims – the clock is ticking, as Tessa disappears.


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I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.


Holy moley what a ride!  I have read some of this author's historical fiction and loved it.  I was very excited to read this story too.  I was unprepared for what I was getting into.


I have always enjoyed action/murder mystery novels.  This was no exception.  I am impressed with the author's ability to describe the horror of murder in such detail.  I can say I was thoroughly disgusted by the depth of the criminality of the bad guys.  


This is definitely a roller coaster of a story.  I was really pulling for Redd to get the case solved and the criminals locked away.  To think there is the potential of this sort of thing happening is frightening.  I can't imagine the panic that would ensue should these type of events unfold.  


Well written, obvious the author has done her homework on the Druids and their past, and excellent characters.  I look forward to reading more from Katy Walters.  If you enjoy a good murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat, pick up a copy of this book.  You will not be disappointed!


About the author:

Thank you for having me here today.

My main loves are writing, painting and singing. I began work as a PA but to my joy was spotted by an agent in London and had an exciting career as a singer, meeting and singing with some wonderful people. Singing meant a lot of travelling both in the UK and abroad. At one time, I toured Germany and Turkey singing for the American troops, which was a fantastic experience. But then, my husband and I wanted a family, so I said good-bye to the singing career, although I did the occasional gig. Having children is such a precious time, and I would say to anyone, treasure it, it goes so quickly and before you know it, you’re waving them off to Uni or pursuing their own dreams and their own homes.

I have always had a deep interest in psychology for various reasons, and especially the area of neurosis arising from abuse. Later, I was to study how we could use our body, mind and spirit to relieve pain and overcome some life-threatening diseases. One important thing here is, I always told my patients to continue with medical treatment along with the complementary and spiritual methods, for I believe medical research and medication is also a gift from God, Spirit or the Universe, as each of us wishes to name it.

I have loved writing from a child and during the years of study, research and treating some wonderful people, whom I called my friends, I would write at night, mainly short stories, and reams of poetry. I wanted to learn how to write self-help books for my clients, so I took creative writing courses at university, which led to writing a novel. So self-help novels turned to fiction but even so, I hope the novels help the reader through their own challenges, as the characters experience love, loss, passion, jealousy, illness, joy and conflict, even the threat of death.

At present, I am writing the third book in the series ‘Lady Phillipa’s Peril’ and also putting together some ideas for the self-help book.

This has been so enjoyable thank you.

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Katy Walters said...

Hi LeAnne,
Wow, what a wonderful review. I am delighted you found the book gripping. All the rituals were actually carried out by the Druids. The Romans were terrified of them so it took hundreds of years before they invaded Britain.Thank you agian.

Unknown said...

I would say the Romans' fears were certainly not unfounded. Yikes! Thanks for such a great story.