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One of Sydney Rye’s dear friends, Hugh Defry, has been accused of a brutal murder, but even though he has no memory of the night, Sydney believes he is incapable of such violence.
Called to investigate by Robert Maxim, a man she has until now, considered her greatest enemy, Sydney flies to Miami searching for the real killer. Rye’s suspicions are raised when she learns that Maxim not only wants to work together but also wants to build a friendship. She doesn’t begin to understand his motives until her former lover follows her to Florida to tell her a devastating secret.

As more people from her past turn up, and not knowing whom to trust, Sydney sees that her personal fight for justice has become something more than she had ever imagined and she is pushed towards making a decision that will change not just her life but possibly the future of the crime fighting.

Excerpt from The Devil's Breath is available on Emily's Website.

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Maybe they all looked so good through gentle, persistence encouragement from friends and family but I didn't really believe that's how humans worked. Those carved bodies spoke of hours of hard labor, sweat, heavy breathing, and pure will. If you couldn't handle it, you left. Or became rich and then it didn't matter how flabby your ass or abs. Money made you beautiful.

"Another," I mouthed to the bartender and gently tapped the bar with my pointer finger. She handed over two beers to a customer and then returned to me, tequila bottle in hand. A guy leaned too close to me and Blue growled, causing the man to jump back, hands up to his chest, baseball cap coming eschew. "Whoa," he laughed. "That dog is cute."

"He bites," I said, looking up at him. When I caught his eye, he stumbled away.  

"Sorry," he mumbled before stepping back into the crowded push of bodies.

The bartender leaned against the bar, careful not to touch its sticky surface. "You're not very good at making friends," she said, her lips close to my ear.

I couldn't help but smile. "You're right," I answered. She held my gaze, her eyes were green and lined with black charcoal that bled into the thin lines beneath her bottom lashes, mingling with sweat from the hard work she did. "Do you want to be my friend?" I asked, feeling bold.

She smiled and shrugged a bare shoulder. "I get off at 4. Let's see if you're still around." Then she returned her attention to the clamoring patrons who pushed against the bar, arms out, dollars fisted, brows red with excitement, alcohol, and dance. I shot the tequila and left the glass sitting on a $100 bill then slipped back into the crowd, Blue following me like a tail.

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