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Steena Final Lady Henriettas Dilemma
Lady Henrietta harbours a secret, so appalling, she cannot tell even her closest friend, the Lady Isabella. As her wedding approaches, it preys on her mind, and she pleads with her fiancé Lord Vaughan Bruges, the Marquess de Courres, to delay the consummation of the marriage. They have a shocking argument, in which Lord Vaughan refuses to declare any love for her, and to her anguish is unwilling to give up his mistress. Henrietta wishes to call off the marriage, but knows it would ruin her family's reputation. However, Lord Vaughan too harbours a secret, one that could break Henrietta's heart, even wreck her life.

There is a certain prince, who is determined to have her, married or not, but what is his true title?

A romance set in 1815 as the clouds of war gather over Brussels.

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I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  This story is the second in this series.  The first, A Lady's Plight, was excellent.  This book is just as engaging.

Edit: This might be considered a spoiler.

We pick up on the eve of Henrietta and Vaughn's marriage.  He is frustrated with her and she is flustered and upset with him.  She is concerned about his manner toward her and considers calling off the wedding.  She doesn't follow her instinct and they do get married the next day.  They are then off to Brussels.

Napoleon has escaped and is threatening war so England has called up its troops.  Vaughn is on his way to the front in Brussels and wasn't about to take Henrietta with him.  She is upset by this, her friend Phillipa helps convince Vaughn he should take Henrietta, and so they set off together.  Vaughn shows his true colors during the voyage.

To Vaughn, Henrietta and her dowry are his meal ticket.  He's addicted to gambling and cares only for cards and his mistress.  Well, cares only for what his mistress can do for him.  He ends up selling Henrietta to another man who, through the course of the story, becomes her protector.  This man is named Ambros and he is a duke.  He and Henrietta end up saving each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  There are a few more typos in this one than the first, but those can easily be fixed.  This story takes a look at darker side of marriage in the 18th century.  Women were thought of as property and could be done with as the husband pleased.  And I certainly liked that in the end, karma caught up with Vaughn!  Thank you Katy Walters for another enjoyable adventure.

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