A Lady's Plight- Book Review


ALadysPlightLady Isabella Winton waits years to marry her fiancé, but Lord Alexander Fitzroy, a reformed rake, always finds an excuse to delay the nuptials.

With the marriage set for the next month, Fitzroy tells her he is needed in Belgium almost immediately. He warns her it may be dangerous for her to accompany him.

Isabella suspects he is bluffing. Brussels is the centre of a social whirl. She looked forward elaborate dinners and extravagant balls. Fearing Fitzroy may have returned to his rakish ways, she insists on travelling with him.

Isabella is unaware that Lord Everard Ladness, heir to a dukedom, is obsessed with her and will go to any lengths to possess her.


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I loved this book!  I would definitely give it a 5 out of 5 stars.  There were a few little proof-reading mistakes, but nothing major.

Isabella is a feisty character.  She knows what she wants and is tired of waiting.  I believe she knows her fiance', Alex, was a bit of a rake, but is willing to overlook that as he has promised to marry and love only her.  And now war is looming and Alex has been called to Belgium.  Isa demands they should be married before he ships off.  And he agrees, then hell breaks loose!

A man she's known since childhood, Ladness, is extremely taken with her.  Isa doesn't realize just how taken he is with her.  He learns of her upcoming nuptials and tries to ruin her as she's dress shopping.  She is saved by her fiance' in the nick of time.  This dastardly action of course leads to a duel, but Isa being who she is asks Alex to spare Ladness his life.  Alex agrees because he does love Isa...  Much to their dismay.

Isa and Alex do get married and go to Belgium together.  Ladness does make a scene at their wedding and is rebuffed by none other than Isa's mom.  We see where she gets her feistiness from!  From here we find out more about how she thinks and feels about the role of women in that time.  

This is the time period of people like Jane Austen who has written Pride and Prejudice.  Women are beginning to understand they can oppose being thought of as mere property.  I could see myself in some of the same situations and I was so frustrated for Isa.  I don't know that I would have been able to hold my cool the way she does.  But then I'm of the present and she was raised in that time period.  

This is a wonderful look into the early 1800s and how women were beginning to raise their voices.  I enjoy historical fiction and this was right up my alley.  If you enjoy this type of fiction with some romance thrown in, you'll enjoy this novel as well.  I can't wait for the next in the series!

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Katy Walters said...

Hi, Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful review. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I do love writing in this era and hope to bring it to life for the readers.