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Nigel survives a car crash, while his whole family perishes in the accident. With the help of his later-to-become girlfriend Vicky, he overcomes the tragedy and makes his way to college. As they are about to graduate, Vicky convinces him to embark on a strange project involving crystals and magick, with a "k" (meaning real magic). Little did they know that this project would open for them the gates of other dimensions including the world of the gods, the world of the muses and the demons, the world of the dead and many more. But why were they called there?

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I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  I would give this 3.5 out of 5 stars.  Though it is an easy read it is still in need of some proofreading.  There are spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book.  The way the story is written, it almost seems jumpy: instances where the characters have a conflict to face and then suddenly they're through it and all is well.

I am not the biggest fan of fantasy novels.  I like some and not others so I wasn't sure how much I would like Leviathan.  Turns out I enjoyed the story.  The story is interesting and the plot was built well enough it kept me engaged.  It also helps that the book is a quick read.

Starting off losing his entire family, Nigel has to learn quickly how to move on without them.  We see he becomes attached to Vicky and she to him.  There are the early stages of his recovery, Vicky visits Nigel and helps him through it.  Suddenly we are fast-forwarded 10 years and they're both close to graduating college.  That part seemed a bit disjointed.  But we read the beginning of their adventure into the realm of gods, demons, and muses.

The author's take on how all these beings came about is interesting.  I enjoy reading other viewpoints on this type of subject.  Nigel and Vicky are suddenly thrust into this new world and they learn to use the power of their minds.  The story at this point is a little choppy.  They're learning what they need to do for their mission and then they're done.  They're off again and then they're done.  It's almost like there's something missing in places.

The entire novel is done in this fashion.  Toward the end of the book it seems to me a middle school effort.  The word "got" is overused.  The mixture of cultural beliefs is a bit overwhelming.  I can see the author's intent in showing how all our cultures, faiths, and views are intertwined throughout history.  This is poorly explained in the book.

With a little more time invested and further editing, this will be a good book.  This would be a book for middle school or so.  There are no "love" scenes and the violence isn't even as bad as some video games.  It is also at a level that age group will understand it.

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