Calming Jars - DIY

So a friend of mine posted a link to these nifty little things on my Facebook page.  Seeing as I have two rather exuberant boys I thought we'd give this a try.  They both seemed to enjoy picking the colors they wanted, putting them together, and, of course, shaking them up.

I got the "recipe" from this website.  In my search on Pinterest to find it, I came across several recipes.  And several pins that were just a picture of the calming jar.  Anyway, the idea behind these is to give your child, and yourself, a little quiet time to settle down.  They shake up the jar and watch the glitter settle.

What you'll need:

A small jar with a tightly seal-able lid
2 tubes of glitter glue
Half a tube of regular glitter
Food coloring
Warm water to fill the jar

There are lots of different types of glitter glue and lots of brands/types of glitter from which to choose.  Since I have two boys I decided to go the economical route.  I'm also a craft hoarder so I'll just add the leftovers to my stash.  

All you do is dump everything into the jar together.  I will say that not much food coloring is needed to color the water.  We were generous and added a drop or two too many!  If you don't want to use glitter glue, you can get clear glue and use regular glitter.  I had my boys squeeze in the tubes of glitter glue and then I just guessed at how much glitter to add in on top of that.  After you get the water in and the lid on tight, shake, shake, shake to get all that glue mixed well. 

The boys seemed to have a good time making these jars.  They enjoyed watching the glitter swirl around after they shook up the jars.  I had a good time helping them as well.  My husband lent a helping hand too and was the only one who made a mess.  He now has a pretty glitter glue spot on his shirt!  :)

This is a very quick craft project.  We were done in 5 or so minutes.  The hardest part is getting all that glue mixed in well.  I may go back and add some superglue or gorilla glue to the lids to make sure they're sealed.  Thankfully as yet we haven't had to use them yet for calming down.  Hopefully this will bring some peace when they get upset!

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