Back to School - Pay It Forward Event

Recently I was able to join an event to help someone in need for going back to school.  I was really excited to participate!  I will be honest, with getting everything for my kids and getting them prepared for kindergarten and preschool I completely forgot about getting this done.  I was happily reminded by a fellow blogger who is also participating.

I got to thinking about what I could do.  We were given $25 to use to purchase school supplies and also a backpack(hopefully).  We were then told to buy what we could and take pictures.  You'll notice this post is quite lacking in photos.  (I'll get to that shortly...)  

Well I'll tell ya, I was none too interested in going back out to shop for more school stuff.  My fellow blogger, I mentioned a moment ago, said she approached her son's teacher to see if there was someone in his class she could sponsor.  I thought that was an excellent idea.  So I was considering approaching my son's teacher.  We were told we could approach it that way or go to an organization like Boys & Girls Club.  I just couldn't decide how I wanted to go about doing this.  Then my light bulb moment happened...  I would get in touch with my church to see if we had a child in the church family or if they knew someone in the community I could help.

So in talking with my husband about it, he suggested stopping in to talk with them.  That, my friends, was the best advice.  I stopped in and ended up talking with our church's minister of music and minister of volunteer dept.  We were brain-storming and turns out there is a young man in our church who is headed back to college in a week.  He is an upstanding person and it's just him and his mother.  He works to help his mom and then goes to school too.  Would it be too cliché to say I heard angels?  I knew right then that was what I was going to do.  They said the best thing would be a giftcard for him; that this would be a blessing for him.  That is the reason there are no pictures.  

I certainly hope and pray this helps him with his back-to-college preparations.  Maybe ease the financial burden just a bit for him and his mother.  And I certainly feel very blessed to have been included in this pay-it-forward event!  There's not much better than helping!!

About the event sponsor:
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