Acid King - Book Review

Four long-estranged friends from London's turbulent Sixties scene of sex, drugs and rock and roll are thrown together after seventeen years when one of them accidentally discovers the secret identity of their betrayer; a man they knew only as The Acid King, a charismatic figure who orchestrated a weekend of alluring drugs ending with a bust, jail time and death.
  • What the friends don’t know is that a New York FBI Agent, another old enemy of the Acid King, has been on a long frustrating manhunt of his own, driven by the same rage for revenge. Until, by coincidence, he discovers the mystery man’s hidden Los Angeles location and tracks him to his lair. Resulting in a dangerous confrontation that puts lives, both guilty and innocent, on the line.
  • The Acid King is the thinly veiled story of the famous Redlands drug bust of 1967; an event that put Mick Jagger and Keith Richards behind bars and nearly destroyed the world’s most famous rock band. All orchestrated by an unidentified man who set them up and then disappeared.
  • By a strange twist of fate the Author (former film agent for Mick Jagger) met the Acid King in Los Angeles and became involved with him for several years, never knowing who he really was, until her friend Marianne Faithfull (former lover of Jagger) surprisingly identified him.

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I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

I would give this book 4 stars out of 5.  It does contain adult scenes and some swear words, so be advised on that.  I do think it is a well written story based on a real event.

I guess I'm too young, but I had not heard about the Rolling Stones being busted for drugs.  There too this book is about drugs, dropping acid in particular.  Now I know the drug scene was popular starting in the sixties.  Many, many bands/groups at the time were big into it.  This book is based on the Rolling Stones in particular and their Mister X who ratted them out and the subsequent fall out.

For me, I initially found the story a bit difficult to follow.  Once I got it straight who was who and who had a history with whom, it was easier.  The characters in this story are complex and well-written.  They really bring the plot to life.  How everyone is connected with everyone and how this incident dictated the rest of their lives. 

Well, for almost 20 years the band members, a group called The Veils, had no idea who had gotten them busted by the cops.  They were young, they'd met this mysterious new guy, called himself King Leo and he had some great stuff.  They were all happy and oblivious.  Well one night, while high, the cops came swarming in.  They were all busted.  None of them had any idea who'd told on them and it completely wrecked their lives.  King Leo then vanished, but not before making sure no one could follow his tracks.

Fast forward almost 20 years and an up-coming journalist knows this guy, Griffin.  One night on an off chance, she introduced her friend to Griffin.  This friend was the lead singer's love interest at the time when they were busted.  She knew King Leo.  Low and behold she recognizes Griffin for who he is and she lets everyone know.  Now he's starting to panic because his cover may be about to blow up in his face.  Not only are the former band members, those still alive anyway, are after him, but also the FBI.

To find out how the story ends, you'll just have to read the book.  It's a great tale of intrigue!  It'll certainly keep you on your toes til the end.

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